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Machine Listing - PE Foam Lines

IEN 119670

  PE Foam Lines for 100/130mm EPE Sheet Making, Model CC/EPE -100/130-1200W, Mfg. Chi Chang Machinery. Raw Materials of: L.D.PE Granule + Expansion Agent + Additives. Product Size: 1,200mm Width / 1.0 - 8.0mm Thickness (Actual Produced Width of 1270mm – 1310mm). Production Capacity: 160 - 200 Kg/Hr Approx. Expansion Ratio: 20 - 30 Times. Blowing Agent: Butane • Manufacture Speed: 4-20 M/Min, 23-75 M/Min (Adjustable) • Machine Specifications: 100mm Extruder (Melting Extruder. Single Screw Type With A Diameter Of 100mm Diameter; L/D=32/1. Barrel Material: Sacm-645 Alloy Steel • Reduction Gear Box Type • Extruder Drive Motor: 125hp AC Motor. 130mm Extruder (Cooling Extruder). Single Screw Type Diameter: 130mm; L/D = 33/1. Heating/Cooling: By Tempco, Temp. Control: 7 Zones, Extruder Drive Motor: 125hp AC Motor • Die & Air Ring, Annular Type Die With A Die Lip Of 1 Unit, Adjustable • Oil Temperature Control • Sizing Mandrel & Cutting Device • Take-Off Roll • Winder (Two Shaft Auto-Cutting Winder With A Maximum Foam Width Of 1,200mm And Maximum Roll Diameter 1,300mm) • 5 Stations Blending & Feeding System • BEC High Pressure Pumping/Metering System.