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Machine Listing - Rotogravure Printing Press

IEN 119393

  45" Width, 43.5" Print Width, 8-Color Rototek Rotogravure Printing Press. Model Rotopak Universal 150; 18" to 36" repeat range, 1000 fpm max. operating speed, stations 7 & 8 reversible. Includes KTI zero speed auto splicing unwind with 50" diameter capability, Enercon corona treater, Martin infeed tension control system, gas fired dryers on each print station, Bobst S2000 automatic register control system, Vigitek Vigiprint single sided automatic defect detection system (added in 2004), auto splicing shaftless turret rewind with 32" diameter capability; press designed to run various ga. films. Mfg. in 1968 but rebuilt with upgrades1991. book