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Machine Listing - Poly CoExtrusion Lines

IEN 119396

  45" Width, Egan Coextrusion Tandem coating and laminating line, Year 1975. 1000 FPM Speed, KTI zero speed auto splicing primary unwind with 50" diameter capability, Enercon corona treater, 2 rotogravure print/coat stations with gas fired dryers prior to extrusion laminating station, Dilts extrusion laminating station, Aetna Standard extruder carriage with 4 1/2" diameter x 24:1 L/D screw and Cloeren manual die, turret secondary foil unwind with 30" diameter capability, 1 rotogravure print/coat station with gas fired dryer after extrusion laminating station, Egan extrusion coating station, Egan co-extruder carriage with two 3 1/2" diameter x 28:1 L/D screws and Cloeren auto die, Eurotherm automatic gauge & profile control system, auto splicing turret rewind with 48" diameter capability. book