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Machine Listing - Single Station

IEN 119665
Type Single Station
Manufacturer EMC
Year 1985
Size 96" x 192"
Equipment Class Vacuum Thermoformers

  Single Station Thermoformer mfg. EMC. This unit was built in 1985 and has a maximum of 96” x 192” for a female mold. It requires 460 volts- 700 amps of service. There are two ovens with 14 zones each with percentage meters, that are also chain driven on tracks. The top clamping frame is fully adjustable and does not move as it is located between the two ovens. 80 PSI. of air pressure is required for the clamping frames. A 900 gallon vacuum tank comes with the machine, but no vacuum pump. The mold platen has hydraulic cylinders with the tank and pump included. No pit is required. This machine has a 20" max. draw depth. Floor space required is 250" length, 270" in width including guards. This unit ships in 3 sections with approx. weight of 15000 lbs. Total shipping height is 95".