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Machine Listing - Multi-Layer Film Lines

IEN 119368

  3 Layer Blown Film Line mfg. Kiefel YEAR 2005. Two (2) units with (2) 1700 MM Roll Width for sheeting or tubing. Currently manufacturing HDPE Sheeting and Tubing. Dual Surface Winders (1700 MM) 47" Diameter Rolls. APM # 1CP. Blown Film Tower, Dual Film Treaters, Grooved Feed Extruders, 3 KIRION Extruders / A 60MM / B 70MM / C 60MM, Air Cooled Extruders. Output Rate As Installed: 350KG/H (770 LBS/H) per Hour, Maximum 425KG Internal & External Air Rings With Chiller's & Blowers. KIRION C Computer Control, Voltage 380 Volts / 3 Phase. Automatic Lay Flat Control. Oscillating Haul Off Assembly.