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IEN 118456

  KenTek/Maxon Gas Oven Specifications: 480 VAC, 3 PH, 60HZ BTU’S 2400000 FULL LOAD CURRENT: 28.2AMPS 15KW DISCONNECT RATING: 60AMPS EQUIPMENT MODEL: custom SERIAL# DATE OF MANUFACTURE: 11/98 • GAS HORIZONTAL OVEN---Two horizontal chambers one above the other measure 18’10" long x 39" deep x 7.5 tall load sections can be individualy heated. •CONSTRUCTION: painted structural steel frame with stainless steel sheet covering ducts and insulated oven sections. • BURNERS are Maxon Ovenpak gas buner 400 series. Size 412 m (0--+4) • LOADING:Single guillotine door with double opening at the entrance to the oven chamber are opereated by two air rams. Chamber is curently designed for caul molds measuring 3/8"x 36" x 18' loaded and unloaded with a telescoping plank coveyor.(sold seperatly) • OVEN RECIRCULATED AIR SYSTEM: Two TwinCity Fan and blower variable speed 12 in. dia. BI Wheel type plug fan rated at 690 to 57,900 cfm and static pressure to 8" w.g.. Blower system contains two 1.5hp premium efficiency motor with hi-temp capability. Controlles are located in the control cabinet. • OVEN CONTROL SYSTEM: One Ametek 480v 3ph 60hz oven control cabinet for hazardous location class 1 divission 2, group a,b,c,d Temp code T4, designed for floor mounting. Control cabinet contains the necessary main disconnect switch, contactors, fuse blocks, transformer, and motor starters for proper oven control. AThermoflux flue gas monitor series 2000 diagnostic control system coupled with Honeywell burner controls will automatically control all startup and safety features, as well as control the two separate burners. Drawings, Schematics and Manual Included Overall Dimensions of Main Unit: 22' x 5' 6" x 10' Estimated weight: 9000 lbs It was in excellent working condition when removed from operation. SOLD AS-IS We will arrange Crane Service for rigging and loading at $500 Freight to be arranged by buyer.