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Plastics Recyclers and Polymer Supplier - The mission of Lavergne Group is to develop, manufacture and offer a stable and continuous supply of quality plastic materials based on post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics, as well as virgin plastic - Looking to buy or sell plastic regrind, plastic scrap parts or virgin resins? Go Polymers specializes in the secondary plastics, polymers, and resins marketplace for both commodity grade and engineering grade plastics - National Recycling Inc. is a worldwide leader in plastic commerce with over 50 years experience in the plastic recycling industry. We buy and sell all marketable forms of plastics – clean or contaminated - Jadcore is the largest plastics recycler in the Midwest with a monthly production capacity of five million pounds. This means we can handle your job quickly and at lower costs. We've been recycling plastics for industrial applications since 1974 - Ecoplast is one of the largest plastic compounders in the United States ( located in Pomona , CA) with the capacity to compound over 25 million pounds annually. We specialize in commodity resins such as PP (unfilled or filled as much as 40%), HDPE, LDPE, PS,& ABS - SemiCycle collects most types of hard plastic semiconductor trays for recycling - United Plastic Recycling is a full service thermoplastic recycler based in Montgomery , Alabama . Our company has been in the recycling industry for over ten years. We specialize in the sale and purchase of quality post industrial and post consumer material - As one of the very first recycling companies in the United States, we bring a limitless amount of experience and savvy to our industry. We encourage both domestic and international calls and look forward to meeting whatever challenges you may have